Welcome to Cuarzostone, we are a prominent name in the quartz suppliers in India. We started our journey in 2002 in Udaipur and have watched our company grow to a level that today we are the best quartz manufactures from India. Since the day we embarked on our journey, we have only given dedication, customer satisfaction and value to Cuarzostone.

First, we started our small business in Udaipur, but after adding feathers in our cap, we became premium quartz exporters from India. Cuarzostone takes pride in saying that we have a hard-working staff that believes in delivering premium quality goods to our precious clients!

Our premium products are made with nature’s phenomenal solid stone. They are the most versatile product that can be used for beautiful kitchens, luxurious bathroom vanity, floorings and breathtaking tabletops.

Our clients never come back complaining about our products because we provide stain-scratch resistant, low maintenance, non-porous, eco-friendly and hygienic products.

Did you know?

The supreme nature of quartz is that it has consistency in its patterns and is unique in the way it is coloured and customized.

And with a guarantee, we can provide the best quality quartz in India.

Cuarzostone strives to provide satisfaction to the clients by delivering our unmatchable and premium product range.

We can assure that our quality and loyalty about our products because we leave no stone unturned to provide satisfaction to our clients.

Client satisfaction is our top priority!

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Quartz Quality in India


We are the tomorrow of quartz in India because we have just raised the standards of quartz quality in India.

We have infused eye-catching designs, patterns, colours to give luxurious and out of this world look to your interiors.

Our only aim is to enrich your life by giving colours to your home with our premium quartz.

Quartz Suppliers in India


We are the best quartz suppliers in India because we have the most extensive range of imported and Indian quartz with gorgeous finishing. Our large processing units are specialized in bringing maximum production in the most pocket-friendly way.

We have a big team of high-tech project managers, engineers, and supervisors who won’t let anything go wrong to provide client satisfaction.

We believe in setting the market trends to bring out the latest design for our precious customers. We believe in making designs so beautiful and gorgeous to turn your dream house into reality. Specifically, we have created conceptual plans for our complete townships, hotels, shopping mall, individual home projects.

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Satisfaction and Happiness


Our most significant achievement is the satisfaction and happiness we bring to our clients. Our journey from 2002 has been fantastic right from the beginning. We have never failed to achieve the high standards of quality in our finishing and services.

When we see back, we feel proud of all the achievements that we have embarked in the quartz industry and have become a pioneer of the Quartz world in India.

“Cuarzostone is known for its premium quality Indian quartz.”